OSUN Graduate Mobility Program


The Open Society University Network (OSUN) Mobility Programs aim to foster new pathways between and among OSUN members, particularly with those outside of North America and Europe.

The Graduate Mobility Program is designed to improve access to mobility for graduate students and strengthen the ties between participating institutions. A special emphasis is placed on students who are normally excluded from or have limited access to international mobility.
Within the OSUN Graduate Mobility Program opportunities are provided for graduate students currently enrolled in an OSUN member institution to undertake a study or research period abroad at another OSUN member institution. The graduate study mobility opportunity includes both the tuition exchange* for self-funded students and tuition exchange and needs-based mobility support grants for disadvantaged students. 

*Students continue to pay tuition at their home school and receive a tuition waiver at the host school. 

In the selection of grant recipients the relevance of their proposed studies / research to OSUN themes will be taken into consideration.


The OSUN Graduate Research Mobility Program can help fund research projects that are carried out as part of a Master’s or PhD program. To help cover the cost of travel and visa expenses, mandatory insurance, accommodations and living expenses for the duration of the research visit (21 to 60 days), a combination of merit- and need-based scholarships up to $ 5,000 are available. Students are required to submit a detailed budget proposal as part of their application. 


Graduate students (Masters and Doctoral level) enrolled at any of the below OSUN institutions are eligible to apply to another of the listed institutions in the current round. 

*Please note that students need to have active student status at one of the institutions in order to participate and need to return to their home institution to complete their degree program after the mobility.



Graduate students* (Masters and Doctoral level) enrolled at the following institutions can apply:

*Please note that the mobility can only take place within the course of an ongoing degree program. Students need to complete their degree program at their home institution after the mobility.


Graduate students (Masters and Doctoral level) enrolled at the following institutions can apply for funding to study at any of the listed institutions for the Spring 2024 semester:

Study Mobility

Successful applicants will receive a tuition waiver at their host institution and will continue to pay tuition at their home institution.

The following placements are currently available on the graduate level:

Available Placement for Graduate Study Mobility Spring 2024
Al-Quds 10 students graduate and undergraduate combined / year
AUCA 10 students/term  
Bard College number up to program capacity, typically 2-3 per semester
BRAC 3 students/trimester
CEU 10 students/term (max 2 in one program at one time)
EHU 4 students / semester
NSYSU 10 students for grad and undergrad combined / semester
Tuskegee 2 students / semester
UniAndes 5 students/term
WITS 10 students for grad and undergrad combined / semester

*For more information on available disciplines at the respective institutions please visit the sub-section "Calls" (work in progress) as well as the institutional fact sheets for OSUN mobilities here. Please note that MBA programs are excluded from this mobility scheme.


This is a tuition exchange program where eligible students pay their regular tuition at their home institution.  Scholarships are available via the application process and are awarded based on both need and merit. Eligible applicants can receive a full or partial scholarship to help cover the following expenses: Travel and visa expenses, mandatory insurance, accommodations and living stipend for the duration of the study mobility. 


Maximum scholarship levels / month for cost of living incl. accommodations 

Category 1 (BRAC) 

$ 500 

Category 2 (EHU, NSYSU) 

$ 650 

Category 3 (AUCA) 

$ 750 

Category 4 (WITS) 

$ 800 

Category 5 (UniAndes) 

$ 850 

Category 6 (Tuskegee, University) 

$ 1,200 

Category 7 (CEU Vienna) 

$ 1,350 

Category 8 (Bard Annandale) *

$ 2,665 

Category 9 (Bard NYC) *

$ 2,800 

*Please note that for Bard Annandale and Bard NYC housing will be supplied - the values supplied are hence for reference only and intended to show that all cost will be covered.
Additional scholarships to cover cost of travel are available.


There is currently no open or scheduled call.

Please see here for applciation details of the Fall 23 call for reference:

Fall 2023 Graduate Study Abroad Opportunities (opensocietyuniversitynetwork.org) 

The following materials must be submitted with the application:

  • Reference / Letter of support from your supervisor / academic program director at your home institution 
  • Filled out application form on OSUN Application Platform - please sign in using the OSUN login with your institutional e-mail address. 
  • A filled-out and signed study plan for each of the intended (max 2) host institutions 
  • A statement of purpose for the proposed study mobility which clearly relates to OSUN themes 
  • Up-to-date resume (CV) 
  • Proof of language proficiency if language at host university differs from that of home university 

Please submit your application here. Please sign in using the OSUN login with your institutional e-mail address.

Successful candidates will be nominated to their host institution of choice and will need to fill out the ‘non-degree seeking student application’ for that institution. Final admission decisions are made by the respective host institution. 


currently no information sessions scheduled


Call for short-term research mobility to be completed by September 30, 2022.

Call for semester (term/trimester) long study mobility for Fall 2022.

* For an example of requirements for past calls please visit the sub-section "Calls"


For more information please contact osungraduatemobility@ceu.edu.