Andrei Dragan

Andrei Dragan, Legal Studies

Host: ELTE, AY 22/23 (ongoing)

“The GTFP provides an excellent opportunity for Ph.D. students to gain hands-on experience teaching full courses of their own design. In my case, the GTFP allowed me to improve not only my teaching style but also my course preparation. It also gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into topics I was researching before starting the program and to share that knowledge with Bachelor students with very diverse backgrounds. Aside from assisting me with my research, the GTFP provided me with one of the most satisfying aspects of academic life: having students tell me that my courses changed their perspective on certain aspects of life and shifted a few paradigms for them.”

Aleksandr Korobeinikov

Aleksandr Korobeinikov, History

Host: ELTE, AY 22/23 (ongoing)

Participation in the Global Teaching Fellowship Program is a great experience for those who want to be involved not only in research but mainly in teaching and interacting with students.

My course is rather exceptional due to the war as the course is directly related to the discourse of decolonization, which has become especially relevant after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

I am grateful to the CTL for her help in preparing and editing my syllabus. An important part of teaching practice is the compilation of a syllabus, which includes far more than just a list of topics and literature for classroom discussion. Tamara drew my attention to a number of details that greatly improved my understanding of the role of the teacher in today’s social and technological environment.

I certainly recommend that all doctoral students, especially those who want to look at themselves as teachers, apply to the Program. It is a unique chance to meet a lot of smart and interesting students and colleagues from different countries to practice designing your course, improve your teaching skills, and visit different countries and university cities. I would like to express my enormous gratitude to everyone who made my experience in the Program very enjoyable, rewarding, and unforgettable!

Sara Rizkallah

Sara Rizkallah, Sociology and Social Anthropology

Host: ASU, Spring 2022

„Although I already had teaching experience for almost 11 years, the Global Teaching Fellowship Program provided a platform where I was able to educate and interact with a diverse group of students, coming from various 5-6 countries, if not more. While I was looking forward to enhancing my academic skills, the GTFP offered me a lot!”

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Maria Temes and Elena Popa

Maria Temes (Gender Studies) and Elena Popa (Philosophy)

Host: AUCA, AY16/17

“I’ve refreshed my approach to research because I’ve been forced to go broader,” she said. “I taught a senior thesis seminar that also refreshed ways to do research.” ... “It was good to gain this teaching experience as you’re finishing your PhD or have just finished ... this was a really good opportunity.”

Read the whole interview here: https://www.ceu.edu/article/2016-05-31/ceu-global-teaching-fellows-gain-...