Research Excellence Fund

The Research Excellence Support Fund (RESF) has been created with the purpose of supporting CEU colleagues to undertake new or pursue existing start-up research projects that might lead to larger research endeavors seeking external grants, such as from ERC.

Applications for funding are received between September 1 and June 15 and are to be submitted to ACRO (Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office), to Zsuzsa Gábor ( Formal requirements are minimal and are described in the open call.

Prior to the submission of your application you are encouraged to ask Zsuzsa Gabor for a personal consultation.

Members of the RESF Selection Committee are:
• Gergely Csibra
• Eva Fodor
• Zsuzsanna Gabor
• Botond Koszegi
• Tijana Krstic
• Liviu Matei