CEU Doctoral Research Support Grant: CEU students approved for full doctoral candidacy are encouraged to pursue their dissertation research and to build international scholarly contacts through a special study abroad program. CEU has a Doctoral Research Support Grant program (DRSG), which enables a short research stay abroad.  Students may apply to recognized universities, institutes or research centers abroad to spend up to six months as "visiting/research scholars". This scheme is an integral part of the CEU doctoral program.

CEU Research and Travel Grants: CEU believes in giving its students opportunities to access as much knowledge as possible. That is why the university provides travel grants for students, contributing to the cost of traveling abroad to attend academic conferences. The grant may be used to cover travel-related costs, as well as conference fees, accommodation and administrative costs. The research grant may also be sued for thesis or dissertation related research. Doctoral students are eligible to receive one such award during their second or third year of study. Master's students may receive such grants based on the recommendation of their academic program.

CEU Doctoral Awards: Best Dissertation Awards, Awards for Advanced Doctoral Students, Academic Achievement Awards for First-Year Doctoral Students

CEU Winter School Grant: The CEU Scholarships Committee has reserved a small sum of money from its general pool of travel funds for students who wish to attend a Winter School whose courses are (a) demonstrably necessary for the student's doctoral research at this stage of her/his research and (b) not offered at a CEU Department. The Committee invites applicants from post-comprehensive CEU doctoral students for this purpose.

CEU Summer School Grant: All post-comprehensive doctoral students are eligible to apply for a grant to support attendance at a graduate summer school of their choice. (Exceptionally, doctoral students whose comprehensive exam is scheduled to the fall after their completion of their first-year obligations may also receive the grant). The summer school should be of demonstrably high academic quality and fit the research topic of the attending students.

CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program: CEU works with partner universities around the world to provide teaching experience via fellowships. Through the Global Teaching Fellowhip Program, a selected group of advanced CEU doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates have the opportunity to teach at GTFP Partner Universities for one semester or one academic year. Global Teaching Fellowships combine teaching with research, thus giving the fellows the opportunity to contribute to the academic life of the host departments and have a fulfilling scholarly experience.