Austrian Funding for Research


ACRO is working on building a database of Austrian funding for research and is planning to update it continuously. Below you will find links to the most important Austrian funding agencies and their various funding schemes. We shall keep posting announcements about the widely relevant calls via direct e-mailing. Several calls are accompanied by information sessions provided by the donors, in some cases in English, and ACRO plans to invite them to hold special seminars about those calls that are of broadest interest.

Relevant ACRO contact persons:
- CEU hosted research projects: Katalin Nagy
- Research projects with international partners: Eva Vas
- Fellowships: Noemi Kovacs

Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants -

Austria's biggest online database for scholarships and research grants for all academic areas. Financial support options for researchers range from classical grants and scholarships, allowances and prizes to extensive national, European and international research support programmes.

Austrian Science Fund (FWF) - Der Wissenschaftsfonds

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is Austria's central funding organization for basic research.
The purpose of the FWF is to support the ongoing development of Austrian science and basic research at a high international level. In this way, the FWF makes a significant contribution to cultural development, to the advancement of our knowledge-based society, and thus to the creation of value and wealth in Austria.
Further information:

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria. All FFG activities aim to strengthen Austria as a research and innovation centre on the global market and thus help to ensure the long-term availability of high quality jobs and maintain the prosperity of one of the world's wealthiest countries.

The Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) - Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds

The Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) is a non-profit organisation established to promote science and research in Vienna. The fund's funding tools and methods are designed to strengthen top research in Vienna. Some of its calls are explicitly directed at promoting promising young scientists.