Erasmus+ for CEU Faculty and Staff

The Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals supports higher education teaching and administrative staff to take part in professional development activities abroad as well as staff from the world of work to teach and train students or staff at higher education institutions. These activities may consist of teaching as well as training periods (such as job shadowing, observation periods, training courses).

To ensure high-quality mobility activities with maximum impact, the mobility activity has to be related to the staff’s professional development and to address their learning and personal development needs.

A teaching period abroad at a partner higher education institution. The teaching period abroad enables any teaching staff at a higher education institution or staff from enterprises to teach at a partner higher education institution abroad. Staff mobility for teaching can be in any study field.

A training period abroad at a partner higher education institution, enterprise or any other relevant workplace. The training period abroad enables any staff at a higher education institution to take part in a training activity abroad that is relevant to their day-to-day work at the higher education institution. It may take the form of training events or job shadowing.

A period abroad can combine teaching and training activities.

CEU faculty and administrative employees may seek Erasmus+ funding for participation in a teaching/training mobility abroad.