CEU - WU Student Exchange

Central European University in Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business offer an exchange program for students to attend one or two courses for credit or for audit at the partner institution free of charge.

Students of the following WU Programs are eligible: 

1.) Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, as well as other WU Bachelor’s programs;

2.) Master’s Programs in Economics and Socio-Economics;

3.) PhD Programs WU Finance and Economics Departments

Students of the following CEU Programs are eligible:

1.) All Undergraduate/BA programmes (Students in their 3rd and 4th year);

2.) Master’s Programs of the Department of Economics and Business;

3.) Doctoral Programs in Business Administration or Economics


The exchange of students is subject to the approval of the Head of the respective Department/Programme at the home institution, and The Head of respective Program Director and Lecturer, as well as class capacity at the host institution.

The two institutions have signed an Agreement for the mutual recognition of final course exams and ECTS Credits. All students will still need to follow their home institutions' policies and practices for the recognition of Credits of completed courses at the partner institution. 

Students participating in the exchange are mutually exempt from tuition fees at the host institution. 

Austrian Student Union Payment - ÖH Fee:

According to Austrian Higher Education Regulations, Student Union Fee payments are obligatory at each Higher Education Institution in the country where a student has enrolment status as full-time, or visiting student. Despite paying the fee at your home institution, the fee must be paid at the host institution when you enrol in courses for credit. Double payment however means that you will be eligible for reimbursement of the second fee payment from ÖH directly.

Please see: Rückerstattung der ÖH-Beitrags und Antrag auf Rückerstattung des ÖH-Beitrages Stellenhttps://www.oeh.ac.at/service/oeh-beitrag (in German)

How to Apply for Reimbursement of the Studeitn Union Fee: LINK (in English)