CEU Students to WU



The cooperation of WU and CEU will allow you to attend one or two courses at your current study level at WU Vienna parallel to your regular studies at CEU.

Students of the following CEU Programs are eligible:

1.) All Undergraduate/BA programmes:

Students in their 3rd and 4th year are eligible. At the time of application, students must have completed at least a minimum of one year full-time studies.

2.) Master’s Programs of the Department of Economics and Business;

3.) Doctoral Programs in Business Administration or Economics

Students must have an active enrolled status at CEU at the time of application and during the time of attending the course at WU. 

Application process:

  1. Make sure that WU’s course offer meets your needs and interests and that you fulfill the pre-requisites for the course(s) you would like to attend

  2. Prepare a letter of motivation (max. 300 words) and explain why you would like to attend the course(s) and how this enriches your studies at CEU

  3. Prepare your official transcript of records and proof of enrollment at CEU

In the next step, these files have to be uploaded

     4. Fill in the online-application form for CEU students

Please note:

After the application deadline, all applications will be evaluated by WU's International Office and you will be contacted for further steps

CEU students will be enrolled as "Auserordentliche Studierende" at WU. Up to 15 places are available for CEU students each WU semester.

At the end of your study semester at WU, you will receive an official transcript of records. ECTS Credits earned at WU can be transferred towards a CEU Degree according to the CEU Credit Transfer Policy. See: https://www.ceu.edu/sro/credit-transfer 

Please make sure the schedule of the course you are attending at WU doesn’t coincide with your CEU obligations. Attending a course at WU can’t be a reason for missing CEU classes, unless a special permission is given by your CEU Department. 

Extended Application Deadline:

January 7: for WU Sommersemester (March-June)

For information on List of Courses and Contact to WU please go to:


Contact person at CEU:

For undergraduate students: Alzbeta Klatova, Academic Adviser: klatovaa@ceu.edu 

For graduate students: Dorottya Urai, Academic Cooperation Officer: uraid@ceu.edu 

If you have questions for the WU Vienna, feel free to contact them: ceu@wu.ac.at