GTFP Partner Universities

GTFP Partnerships are established through identifying a commonality of interests and mutual support for the missions of both partners. Partner Universities have a strong agenda for internationalization, and they usually have undergraduate programs, offering courses taught in English, which they would like to expand. The GTFP contributes to the efforts of Partner Universities for Internationalisation at Home, which involve curricula development, building an international network of affiliates at the host university, etc.

Partner Universities may also have teaching/research postdoctoral fellowship or research schemes which they intend to open to CEU doctoral candidates/doctoral graduates. They have a strong and reciprocal interest in long-term collaboration with CEU.

The Partner University will support the Fellows’ research agendas, making it possible for Fellows to continue to work on their doctoral dissertations. The Fellows may be required to be involved in tutoring undergraduate students, giving talks, participating in workshops or similar academic events, and they are encouraged to participate in local community activities.

A university becomes a CEU GTFP Partner by signing a GTFP Memorandum of Agreement with CEU. The rights and responsibilities of the GTFP Partner University towards both CEU and the Fellows are specified in the Memorandum of Agreement.