The CEU OSUN Global Teaching Fellowship Program

CEU works with partner universities around the world to provide teaching experience via fellowships. Through the Global Teaching Fellowhip Program, a selected group of advanced doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates of CEU and select CIVICA Partner institutions have the opportunity to teach at GTFP Partner Universities for one semester or one academic year. Global Teaching Fellowships combine teaching with research, thus giving the fellows the opportunity to contribute to the academic life of the host departments and have a fulfilling scholarly experience.

Stuents of the OSUN Global Teaching Fellows said (evaluation of Fall 2023 Semester):

“It was different in a great way, it showed us how to analyze the texts exactly and combine our point of view and real themes, how to organize thoughts to write a paper, and how to arrange and manage writing a paper.”

“We had more projects as a team. I enjoyed it.”

“Mostly the course was based on open discussion, everyone had an opportunity to state their views, and we received individual feedback. The professor paid attention to each one of us.”

“The course had a workshop-like, friendly atmosphere - rather than a standard lecture.”

“Theory and practice were combined in a good way.”

“The instructor was much more engaging with the students, and he was more eager to listen to student’s perceptions with a very helpful approach.
This course by the instructor was beautifully designed. I had a better understanding of the topics and because of the teaching way and much-needed breaks, the lectures were not boring, and the focus was brilliant.”

“The teaching fellow was incredible and kind.”

Truly one of the most cultured teachers I've ever had in my life. It was truly inspiring, and even a little bit frightening (in a positive way), to be debating with a teacher that I could just see who had an immense knowledge of what he was talking about. I learned so much about a subject that I'm very interested in, and every Thursday I left the class feeling more excited to be studying Legal Theory in such a compelling way.”

This class was more interactive, than my other classes. I had reading assignments for every class, which I didn't have before this class. The classes were very interactive, everyone was allowed to add their point of view to the matter.”

“One of the best teachers I had the pleasure to meet and have classes with during my academic life. Extremely well prepared for the subject teaching, very dedicated and with a close relationship with the students, always open to help us and guide us on our work.”

“I really liked this course. The topic of it wasn't my favorite beforehand, but the teacher made it interesting. I always waited for this class, because it wasn't as stressful as the others I had, mainly thanks to the teacher.”

“It was much better than other courses that I had during the semester because it was strictly following the line of thought and made sense. So in comparison to other courses, it was very well structured as classes themselves as the general line of the course.”

“The fellow was amazing and very informative on the topic they discussed. Additionally, the Teaching Fellow helped me understand the topic better.”

“Loved the course, was directly in line with my major, and would have the Teaching Fellow as a professor again.”