The CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program

The Global Teaching Fellowship consists of a monthly stipend, coverage of medical insurance, and return airfare ticket when applicable. Depending on the agreement signed between CEU and the GTFP Partner University, housing may be provided on the host campus. Alternatively, a housing allowance is either provided as a separate amount or is built into the stipend. The financial responsibility for the Fellowship can shared between CEU and the GTFP Partner University based on individual negotiations. The partner will sponsor the teaching acitivities of the fellows; and whenever necessary CEU will finance the research part of the fellowship.

The Fellows are integrated into the host department of the Partner University, have a well-defined teaching load and may have other academic duties. The teaching is provided under the framework of an employment contract, internship, or other form of affiliation legally acknowledged.

The legal framework of teaching at the host universities (employment contract, internship, etc.), the academic status the Fellows receive in the host department (junior visiting faculty, teaching assistant, etc.), the teaching load and other academic duties, the financial remuneration and other benefits (housing, medical insurance, flight ticket, etc.) are negotiated between CEU and the Partner University, and should be based on these guidelines. Together they constitute the Offer, which has to be announced with the Call for Applications.

CEU is committed to ensuring that the institutions in which the Fellows are placed are appropriate, and that the academic positions and activities supported by the fellowship enhance the Fellows’ academic qualifications meet workload goals, and are consistent with the educational objectives of the CEU doctoral programs. The CEU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), comprised of faculty with research and teaching expertise in the area of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, plays a crucial role in supporting the Global Teaching Fellows in their teaching and for promoting the academic collaboration between the Partner Universities and the Fellows. To this end CTL has established the Global Teaching Mentoring Program, which provides ongoing and sustained academic support for the CEU Global Teaching Fellows in the area of higher education teaching and learning.

GTFP partnerships always aim at supporting the missions of Partner Universities and their efforts towards internationalization, especially where such efforts involve diversification of curricula that requires an increasing number of courses taught in English. In addition to fulfilling their academic responsibilities, the Fellows are encouraged to participate, as appropriate, in other activities involving the local community in ways specified by the Partner’s mission and its civic engagement.