Study Mobility

Successful applicants will receive a tuition waiver at their host institution and will continue to pay tuition (or receive a full or partial tuition-waiver) at their home institution. 

Applicants can receive a full or partial scholarship to help cover the following expenses: Travel and visa expenses, mandatory insurance, accommodations and living stipend for the duration of the study mobility. 



Maximum scholarship levels / month for cost of living incl. accommodations 

Category 1 (BRAC) 

$ 500 

Category 2 (EHU, NSYSU) 

$ 650 

Category 3 (AUCA) 

$ 750 

Category 4 (WITS) 

$ 800 

Category 5 (UniAndes) 

$ 850 

Category 6 (Tuskegee, University) 

$ 1,200 

Category 7 (CEU Vienna) 

$ 1,350 

Category 8 (Bard Annandale) *

$ 2,665 

Category 9 (Bard NYC) *

$ 2,800 

*Please note that for Bard Annandale and Bard NYC housing will be supplied - the values supplied are hence for reference only and intended to show that all cost will be covered.
Additional scholarships to cover cost of travel are available.

Research Mobility

Travel and visa expenses, mandatory insurance, accommodations and living stipend for the duration of the research period can be covered.