American University of Central Asia (AUCA)

OSUN CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Call for applications for Spring 2024 semester (January – May 2024) or Spring and Fall Semesters in 2024 (January - December 2024).

OSUN CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is inviting applications for the Spring 2024 semester (January - May 2024) or Spring and Fall 2024 semesters for teaching the courses listed below. (Please, also check the excel file uploaded at the end of this page.)

Eligible applicants include Ph.D. graduates who received their Ph.D. degree from the CEU, CIVICA and relevant OSUN member institution within the last two years and advanced (e.g. ABD all but dissertation) Ph.D. candidates in the fields relevant for departments listed below.

The successful candidate(s) will teach up to two courses conducted in the English language, which will be set by AUCA, in agreement with the Fellow. The Fellow will also have the possibility to offer one course on his/her special area of expertise, in coordination with AUCA Department. Candidates should discuss the Syllabus of their specialized course with their supervisor and AUCA Department in advance.

Priority areas 1

(listed departemnts fileds, and the excel attachment at the bottom of the page)

1. Department of International and Comparative Politics

(1) Required Course: Research Methods in Political Science (both quantitative and qualitative)

(2) Required Course: Intro to Comparative Politics

(3) Elective Courses in Comparative Politics in the areas of Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

(4) Elective Courses in 200 levels: (a) Diplomatic History or (b) International Organizations

(5) Elective Course in 400 levels on the Politics of Environment such as Governance of Environment and Sustainability

(6) Other Elective Courses at any level depending on the fellow's expertise.

With academic-related questions feel free to reach out to Gorkem Atsungur,

2. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication 

Effective Storytelling for Media (spring), Journalism Investigation (fall or spring), New Media: Journalism on You Tube (fall or spring).

With academic-related questions feel free to reach out to Aizhana Dzhumalieva,

3. MA Program in Central Asian Studies

Central Asian Politics and / or a related elective course (fall), International Relations and Central Asia and /or a related elective course (spring), elective courses on politics, culture, history, or environment of Central Asia (fall and spring)

With academic-related questions feel free to reach out to Christopher Baker,

4. School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration - the following courses: 

Bachelor: Risk Management (fall), Leadership Negotiations (fall), Business Communications (fall), Entrepreneurship (fall), Strategic Management (spring), Project management (spring), EthicsCommerce and Society (spring). 

MBA: Leadership (fall), Enterprise Risk Management (fall), Management Communications (fall), Strategic Management (spring), Project management (spring), Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (spring).

With academic-related questions feel free to reach out to Urmat Ryskulov,

5. Master of Arts in Teaching seamlessly integrates four components: foundational education theories, disciplinary content knowledge, mentored practicum in pedagogy, and academic and action research. The curriculum balances content area pedagogy with an understanding of learning and adolescent development. (Application deadline February 17, 2023)

 With academic-related questions feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Alibaeva (Davis),

6. For TV Cinema, Arts please contact Adilet Karzhoev

7. For Environmental Sustainability and Climate Science (ESCS) please contact Sagynbek Orunbaev

For applicants interested in fields where academic contacts were not provided (please check the attached spreadsheet at the bottom of the page) and with administrative questions regarding living in Bishkek or AUCA in general please feel free to contact: Zhamilia Irsalieva,

 Priority areas 2.

1. Department of International and Business Law

Legal Skills (fall), Internet Law (fall), Legal Writing (spring), Cyber Law (fall or spring), Digital Law (fall or spring).

2. Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Design Thinking and Innovation Lab (fall), Agile in Social Innovation (spring).

3. Department of Sociology, MA Program 

Contemporary Social Theory I and II (fall and spring), Quantitative Research Methods (fall), suggestions for elective courses (spring).

4. Department of Psychology

Electives courses (fall) in Cognitive Science, Cognitive psychology, Biological Bases of Behavior, Contemporary approaches to counseling,  Internship for Masters, Group psychotherapy, Quantitative research methods in behavioral sciences, Contemporary theories of personality, Foundations of knowledge: Institutional and individual.

Electives courses (spring) in Cognitive Science, Assessment in Psychology, Behavioral Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, internship for Masters.

5. Department of Software Engineering

Fundamentals of Data Analysis (spring), Data Visualization (spring), Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining (spring), Introduction to Complex Systems (spring), Data Management (spring), Data Science Project (spring).

The fellowships are for the whole academic year 2023/24 (10 months - August to May), but successful applicants can opt for only one semester (fall or spring). Fellows who will have not received the Ph.D. by the beginning of AY 2023/23 can teach a maximum of two courses/semester. Those who already have a Ph.D. might be required to teach 3 courses/semester. CEU Global Teaching Fellows are also expected to contribute to the academic life of the community, advise students and participate in talks and other departmental activities.

Applications should include:

  • motivation letter
  • resume (CV)
  • teaching philosophy (1,000 words)
  • list of proposed course(s)
  • one Letter of Reference (see details below)
  • English language proficiency (see details below)

Applicants who are CEU Ph.D. Candidates at the time of application:

  • Endorsement letter from the Supervisor (email or scanned copy)
  • or Endorsement letter from the Head of the Doctoral Program (email or scanned copy)

Applicants who are CEU Ph.D. graduates:

  • One Letter of Reference

From CIVICA applicants:

  • One Letter of Reference (email or scanned copy)
  • English language proficiency minimum level C1 – if the Ph.D. studies were not in English

Please submit applications via email to

In the subject of the email please indicate that you are applying for: GTFP AUCA

Application Deadline: October 28, 2023