Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program


- Spring call -

Application deadline: closed


Within the Erasmus+ Program, opportunities are provided for awarded students to pursue a self-organised, mobility-based traineeship abroad with relevance for their studies at certain organizations or higher education institutions to develop real-life skills and experience in support of their longer-term professional goals. Online, remote internships are not eligible in the frames of the Erasmus+ Mobility program. Physical international mobility to the country of the chosen receiving institution is a requirement of receipt of an Erasmus+ mobility grant.

Due to the pandemic situation, the open call for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility program is treated with careful and continuous monitoring of the situation. Please, be informed that participation in the Erasmus program is conditional on physical international mobility to the country of the chosen receiving institution. Due to the pandemic, the mobility situation will be monitored continuously. As a result of the uncertainties arising from the current global health situation, it is not possible to guarantee that internships selected for financial support through this call will definitely be funded. Final approval of an awarded internship mobility and disbursement of the grant will depend on the possibility of actual physical mobility during the dates indicated for the traineeship, as well as on national and organizational measures and eventual changes in the health situation. Please, note that any security or travel restriction by your country of destination must be followed and that you should plan your travels and stay accordingly.

If you have questions, comments or queries, do not hesitate to contact CEU Erasmus Office. Should you need to contact us personally, we are happy to arrange individual online meetings with you. For this, please contact us at