The Fellowship amounts

The Fellowship:

The Fellowship consists of a monthly stipend to cover all living costs, accommodation, travel costs and health insurance.


General gross GTFP rates:

- Albania, Georgia: 1000 EUR/month

- Bangladesh: 700 USD/month (+ housing, health insurance, travel) 

- USA (NYC) BGIA: 500 USD/month (+housing, meal plan, travel)

- Colombia: (tba.) (+ housing, health insurance, travel) 

- Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Ukraine: ~1200 EUR/month (in Hungary and Romania lump sum 6000 EUR/semester; 12000 EUR/academic year)

- Bulgaria (AUBG): 1000-2000 EUR/month (depending on graduation, field) (+ housing, health insurance, travel) 

- South Africa (WITS): 2300 EUR/month (+ travel) 

- Palestine, Kyrgyzstan: 2000-2300, USD/month (+ housing, health insurance, visa fee) (depending on graduation, field)

For general stipend rates in other countries please contact

Global Teaching Fellows can have no other work or researcher affiliation with CEU during the time of teaching via GTFP.

A Global Teaching Fellowship can last one academic semester, or two consecutive academic semesters (except BGIA, ASU). Every PhD candidate/graduate can teach under GTFP only once.