GTFP Related Research Grant

Once the selection process for a Global Teaching Fellowship (GTF) Call is over and the Fellow is offered a teaching position at a GTF partner university, the financial details of the Fellowship are to be discussed with the officer managing the GTF partnership: Agnes Leyrer – universities in Hungary, Europe and the US; Monica Jitareanu – universities in other geographical areas (Asia, Latin America, etc.)

In most cases, a Global Teaching Fellowship is partially funded by CEU, which usually covers travel expenses and medical insurance. Teaching is just one of the attributions of CEU GT Fellows. While teaching at a GTF Partner university, they are also expected to carry meaningful research.

CEU’s financial contribution to a GT Fellowship is an acknowledgment of GTFP’s research component and is disbursed as a research grant.

The CEU Research Grant Committee approves grants on monthly basis. The Research grant application form, a document describing the procedure, and the monthly deadlines for research grant applications are attached below.


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