GTFP Partner Universities




* The list reflects the past and current fellowships. Further disciplines may be offered in future calls for applications according to positions opened by the partners.

Albania European University of Tirana

Political Sociology, Local Governance, 
Introduction to Political Science, Research Methods.

Bangladesh Asian University for Women Economics, Political Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Philosophy.
Brazil Univates University Environmental Sciences, International Relations, Philosophy.
Bulgaria American University in Bulgaria Psychology, Social Psychology, Management; Marketing; and/or Tourism. 
Germany Bard College Berlin Political Science, Social Science Methods.
Georgia Ilia State University Political Science, Sociology.
Hungary Corvinus University Economics, Political Science, International Relations.
Hungary Eötvös Loránd University International Relations - and other disciplines.
Hungary University of Debrecen British History and Culture, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Gender Studies, Social Studies, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Sciences, and Business English. 
Kyrgyzstan American University of Central Asia Sociology, Legal Studies, and teaching of First Year Seminar on Introduction to Humanities.
Lithuania Kaunas University of Technology

Theories of Public Governance; European Security Architecture; Comprehensive Studies of Risk and Security Issues.

Myanmar Yangon University International Relations and Political Science, Legal Studies, Environmental Studies.
Myanmar Mandalay University International Relations and Political Science, Legal Studies.
Palestine Al-Quds Bard College Political Science, Humanities. 
Poland Lazarski University Economics.
Romania Babes-Bolyai University - POLSCI

Political Science, Public Administration, Journalism.

Romania Babes-Bolyai University - SOC

Sociology and Social Anthropology.

Romania West University of Timișoara

Faculty of Sociology and Phychology, Faculty: Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Law.

Russia  Higher School of Economics Political Science, International Relations (cancelled).
Sierra Leone University of Makeni Legal Studies.
Ukraine  Ukrainian Catholic University History, Cultural Studies, Ethics-Politics-Economics and Law (on hold).
USA Arizona State University Politics and Global Studies.