GTFP at Hungarian Universities

Dear Applicants,

Teaching under the Global Teaching Fellowship Program at CEU’s Hungarian partner institutions: Budapest Business School, Corvinus University, ELTE, University of Debrecen, and University of Pécs imply the following for AY 2021/2022:

  • GTFP financial support by CEU can be granted to each Fellow for teaching 2 courses, either at once in 1 acdemic semester, or one after the other in one academic year.
  • Fellows can teach 1 or 2 courses, depending on the agreement with the host institution
  • Every CEU PhD candidate/recent graduate can be granted GTFP only once

Application Deadline for GTFP for Spring 2022 at Hungarian universities:

November 12, 2022!

Please see the individual calls on this page. 

All calls are open to current CEU doctoral candidates beyond their 3rd year of studies and recent doctoral graduates who earned the PhD-degree in the last two academic years. GTFP’s rules and regulations apply.

Applications will be evaluated by the GTFP Selection Committee for Hungarian Universities at CEU. Successful Applicants will receive a CEU Research Grant in order to support research activities while teaching at a selected Hungarian partner university. The amount is comparable to CEU's Doctoral Stipends.

Application materials should include the following for all applicants:

  • motivation letter
  • resume (CV)
  • teaching philosophy (1,000 words)
  • list of the desired course(s)
  • Acceptance letter from a respective Head of Department, or the given contact person at the Partner university in English (preferred) or Hungarian

Additionally for Applicants who are CEU PhD Candidates at the time of application:

  • Endorsement letter from the Thesis Supervisor
  • Endorsement letter from the Head of Department

Additionally for Applicants who are CEU PhD graduates:

  • One Letter of Reference

Acceptance/endorsement/reference letters should be sent directly as an email, or scanned document to

Please send applications to

In the subject of the email please indicate the university and faculty you are applying for.

With questions concerning GTFP Fellowship at Hungarian Universities please contact Agnes Leyrer