A European Union Erasmus Mundus supported program GEMMA

Student handbook can be downloaded here

Deadline January 15

The Joint European Master in Women's and Gender Studies is addressed to students interested in women's studies, gender studies and equal opportunities policies. The programme provides an opportunity to acquire professional qualifications and to benefit from mobility as students are expected to study at different European universities. This inter-university and interdisciplinary postgraduate programme gives a unique possibility to obtain a double diploma from the home and partner institution acknowledged by all GEMMA Consortium members. The two-year programme started in September 2007 and will accept both students from the European Union and third countries.

5.500 Euro per year
* Third country students are eligible for 2 years of full funding

Tuition waivers available on a competitive basis

(For description of who is eligible for 3rd country status:

Note: All students who have applied for one year MA in Gender Studies at CEU are also eligible to apply for GEMMA. In case they are accepted in both programs, they will be offered a possibility to choose.

University of Granada, Spain (Coordinator)
University of Bologna, Italy
Central European University of Budapest, Hungary
University of Helsinki, Finland
University of Hull, United Kingdom
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Lodz, Poland
University of Oviedo, Spain
University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

For additional information:
Inquiries: (GEMMA Central Office, Granada, Spain)