CEU Erasmus Staff Week 2020: POSTPONED TO 2021!


- Equal access to higher education -

The event planned for 18 - 22 May, 2020 is postponed to 17-21 MAY 2021!

The Next Erasmus+ Staff Training Week of Central European University will cover the topic of Equal Access to Higher Education - Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Promoting equal 'access and success' to a diverse range of potential students and academics lays at the heart of CEU’s mission, and is reflected throughout the academic and administrative structure of the university. The Erasmus Staff Training Week will address this global challenge by offering presentations, workshops and bilateral meeting opportunities for participants, inviting presenters from CEU and CIVICA (The European University of Social Sciences) to cover the following topics:

  • Effective measures and policies for enhancing access and success in higher education in Europe
  • Recruitment and admission of students of diverse backgrounds
  • Student life management across cultures
  • Alumni relations and career services for underrepresented student groups
  • Gender equity in Higher Education
  • The CEU Roma Graduate Preparation Program
  • Introduction to the Scholars at Risk Network

The event will take place in Budapest. Participants will be offered a day-trip to Vienna in the middle of the week, where the program will focus on related best practices in Austria, a country that pioneers gender policies and support for refugees.

See preliminary agenda of the event planned for 2020 in attachment. Details will be updated for 2021

Participation fee: tbc

Applications will be open in January 2021.

For questions, please contact us: staffweek@ceu.edu