CEU Erasmus Staff Week 2019


- Comprehensive Training for international officers -

Held 6 - 10 May, 2019

Central European University held the 2019 Erasmus+ International Staff Training Week, which offered a comprehensive program, covering the most pressing questions in International Higher Education that an International Office has to face.

The week began with an introduction to Higher Education in Hungary, and internationalisation practices. Participants also got to know CEU and learned about the latest institutional developments.

The second day of the event focused on external pressures – attacks on Academic Freedom and how to face them, and the Costs and Benefits of Internationalisation of Universities. Experienced CEU officers shared their experience on how to keep calm and grounded in times of turmoil, and how to turn challenges into opportunities in an international office.

The third day focused on participants’ professional development as international educators in form of an Intercultural Communication Training.

Thursday was dedicated to Erasmus+ operational questions, partnership building, and the international student cycle – how to ensure a great student experience.

The program included presentations, and group discussions lead by CEU’s experts, as well as invited guest speakers. Since we believe that everyone can benefit from meeting colleagues in similar roles to theirs, the last day of the training week offered opportunities to all participants to meet their counterparts at CEU and exchange best practices.

Participants were university Administrative Staff working on the internationalisation and partnership building agenda of their institution.

A similar event may be organised in 2020.

For questions, please contact us: staffweek@ceu.edu