Initiative to support PhD applications for external funding

ACRO's initiative to support PhD applications for external funding

In January 2015 the Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO) has launched a new initiative, at the request of the Provost, which is intended to support doctoral training through providing opportunities for PhD students to obtain external funding for research and travel. While CEU provides its doctoral students fundIng for stipends, as well as research costs, travel and write-up grants, it would be useful to find additional funding opportunities for their research. Until now doctoral students could apply for external funding as individuals, but many schemes are available only for institutions; institutional applications have been possible only in a team with a faculty member. ACRO will fill this gap by actively helping PhD students to seek and manage external funding as principal investigators. Daniel Gyori, has been appointed at ACRO to work on this initiative. Beyond the opportunities provided by additional financing, we hope that this initiative will also help PhD students to acquire grant management skills, which will be useful in their future careers.

What are the eligible activities for seeking external funding?

  • research project costs (data purchase, field trips, assistance, document purchase, etc.);
  • research related travel (field trips, workshops, consultations, etc.);
  • conference participation;
  • write-up grants.

How does the application process work? 

  • Grant applications must be closely related to the topic of the doctoral research;
  • Students can apply either individually or in a team. In case of team applications one person should become the principal investigator;
  • The duration of the grant must fall within the normal duration of the doctoral training period and cannot lead to the postponement of finalizing the thesis;
  • The application process must comply with the relevant principles of accepting external funding at the CEU. Based on a support letter of the PhD supervisor/doctoral program director and ACRO’s confirmation of the administrative feasibility of the proposal, the Provost approves the applications under 10,000 euro. Larger projects must be approved by the Tender Committee. (see Annex 1: Policy and Guidelines on External Academic Funding at CEU, P-0805-01v11311).

How is external funding managed?

  • In case of successful grant applications the grant signing process and grant administration, including financial management and reporting, is managed by the Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office. An assigned ACRO project manager will liaison with the donor regarding legal and administrative issues and with the respective CEU administrative offices (Finance Office, Human Resources, etc.)
  • On top of being responsible for the academic aspect of executing the project, Principal Investigators are responsible for managing the grant within the appropriate legal and financial framework of the donor organization, as well as the CEU internal financial rules and other policies, most notably the Ethical Research and Open Access Policies.
  • ACRO project manager is responsible for monitoring spending and preparing financial reports.

How to start an application?

  • Find an appropriate open call. The grant’s research topic has to be relevant to your original PhD topic.
  • Discuss your idea within your department. Ask your PhD supervisor to sign a support letter for you, which is a requirement for further steps. ACRO will help you in the application process as well. 
  • Once you have the letter, the next step is to make contact with ACRO (Daniel Győri) and announce your intention to apply for a grant. ACRO will help you in the application process as well.

How to find an appropriate grant? 

  • ACRO regularly sends out emails and posts on Facebook to advertise opportunities, which we identify as having a wide range of interest.
  • If you require help, please contact us:

Who is your contact person at ACRO?

      Daniel Gyori